Hi... I'm sitting here, in the middle of big blue, waiting to go to next watch. Been an interesting and none the less busy patrol. Thus the reason for no posts since I was on leave in Feb. Been to 3 new countries I've never been to and done several things I've never done before. That's pretty much why I chose this job. (And a few others, but we'll save that for another time) It's definitely has been the better of the three that I've been on. For starters, I have not gotten sea sick (knock on wood and thank you to doc and his little pink pills :) I've gotten to go to San Juan, Rio de Janiro, and Grenada. Played war games with different Navy's and swam on the equator. It's been fun, but don't get me wrong, totally ready to go home for a while. I'll post some pics when internet is a tad faster. Had some rough days as well, port and starboard watches for 3 days get to you. I'm mostly excited about this summer because Dean is coming home for leave!!! I am extatic, can't even begin with that one. It will have been 8 months since we've seen each other, then we will have another 8 months to go. I am very proud of him though, I can't tell him enough. I have so much respect for him for being over there, fighting for me and our families. That's about it for me, just been working like a dog, having a little bit of fun too... Anyways, I'll get those pics up this week... ciao for now!

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