Payton's Valentine's Accessories: Quasi Tutorial

Ok so here is a little explanation and close up look at her accessories I made for her V-day shoot... now these were not made to last longer than her shoot. (We're up to about 20 min of attention, yeah!) so it's mostly hot glue and very little hand sewing on the pearls...

 Lets start with the necklace:
~A piece of 5/8" satin ribbon long enough to fit the baby loosely and tie, I just guesstimated.
~Took fake rose petals, cut in halves and hot glued on the under side of the ribbon.
~Cut and glued a piece of lace on top of the ribbon
~Hand sewed a few faux pearls through the lace; hand NO clue what I was doing in this step so again just going with it.
~Took another petal, glued on top and then a felt heart on that and DONE!

Now the Headband:
~On an old adult elastic headband I glued wide sheer ribbon and then the 5/8" satin ribbon from the necklace on that. Leave the ribbon long enough to tie a bow underneath if you want.
~Took the lace from the necklace and glued beside the 5/8" satin ribbon.
~With the fake rose petals, glue and shape into a flower until satisfied with the size, glue another felt heart.

TA-DA now she has pretties for her photo shoot!

Another look at the headband...


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