We're Back!

that's right, we're making a comeback. well, actually i'm making the comeback, this is payton's blog premier. the previous posts were to keep everyone updated on my journey in the CG. well, that journey is almost over :( and on to new ones with the baby... when i was blogging before i didn't realize all the different blogs and types of blogs and just all the possiblities. i have become OBSESSED with craft blogs!! total nerd i know... anyways we're going to try again, and be aware payton might hijack the blog every once in a while. but there's a catch :) i don't really want to be just typing into outerspace, i need an audience... i know sad/pathetic/shallow fill in the blank... i have A TON of photos to post on shutterfly and here but payton is feeling shy so if you want to see them leave comments on this post. when payton feels the love she'll let me post them :) yes i am using her as leverage but it's for a good cause :)

Cassandra & Payton

p.s. standby for changes because i'm not sure i love the blog title and layout...

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deccozmo said...

I am so glad you started your blog again. I missed being able to keep up with your travels and experiences. I am really excited to see what Payton is going to be up to and what she has to say. Love the pics and cant wait to see what she is doing.