Sparkle Clean

Today the house cleaner came! It was soooo nice to come into a dust and fur free home. I almost didn't want to let Reese back in :( I used MaidPro and she did a really good job. I'm almost tempted to make this a regular thing. Not that I'm not capable of doing my own cleaning, but when you're a single working mom, I would rather spend my time with Payton.  Today we went and did a little thrifting, lunch at the park (see photos below) and a Target run.  It was a very nice afternoon.  If you haven't had someone come and clean your house, I recommend it if you can, at least once. It's so worth it!

You can finally see her teeth! Well most of them, there are two more on top hiding.

She killed the dandelion :(

One of my favorites!

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