Checking In & Strap Cover

I've been on vacation, still am, so thus the reason of falling off the face of this blog. It's been pretty busy so I have plenty of photos to post, but I'm JUST now uploading photos from the past few weeks, so standby for the vacation recap...

This morning while P was taking her morning nap I whipped up a camera strap cover for a friend. I still have fabric stored in my mom's craft room from high school so I used some of that. Hey, there is some cute stuff in there I forgot about. I even found some plaid wool that my grandparents got me when they went to Alaska that, at the time I thought was hideous and now, it's in the middle of becoming a fall dress for P. Anyways... here's the strap... nothing fancy but still pretty proud... hope she likes it.

Until I get the photos uploaded, sorted and edited... ciao

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Vanessa said...

Hi! It looks great. Glad you liked the tutorial. I do have a flickr group here. Definitely add your photo to the group!

Thanks :)