P's Holiday Outfit

I wanted to show everyone Payton's 'secret' holiday outfit. :) I only told two people, and that's a big deal for me, I'm not good at keeping secrets. Anyhoo, I used a tutorial for both the shirt and skirt and improvised on the hair clip. Payton was not the cooperative model when I tried to get photos, but oh well.

I did get a few of these mixed with her grumpy face... It's so pitiful but so cute too. She has become her own, stubborn little person.

But after I pulled out some mini chocolate chips, she decided to cooperate a little.

I love the circle skirt, it was very easy to make and Payton liked it too.

The only way I could get her to stand was by putting chocolate chips on the table :)

And yes, I hand-stitched all of those sequins on. Why did I do that on a shirt for a 1 year old? I have no idea. It's what I do I suppose.

Her hair clippy. It has black glittery tulle in it but not showing up :( Anyways, I love how her outfit turned out, yes it's very preppy, but preppy is fun :)

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