Happy 2011

Today it FINALLY got up into the 60's! Lately it's either been frigid cold or 10ft of snow on the ground. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit on the amount of snow, but it was still a lot, especially for this Cali girl. Anyhoo, so Payton and I went to the park for some good vitamin D.

See all that snow still left over from last week!!! That is NOT okay...

She LOVES to swing... Thanks to Grandpa. She knows that she has to hold on, but only because I tell her to, not because she's scared. She's a little daredevil. 

"Look mom, I can swing high!"

We went down the slide. Of course this was after I had to almost pry her little fingers off the swings... 

And the monkey bars... The park was PACKED with kids, so Payton really enjoyed watching all the kids run amuck. Oh, and she learned how loud her outside voice could go. :)

And then I let her swing some more. Happy New Years!!!

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gram said...

it looks a lot colder than you say it is. she looks so happy. and you are right, she loves the park and the kids.