Happy Mommies Day!!

Today was a nice relaxing day with my munchkin. Yesterday the flowers she ordered me came and they were so beautiful :) I posted a little while back about mommy and me photos and today I wanted to try out the timer on my camera. It works, however I didn't get any really good shots of the two of us with it. I'll have to stick with the old fashion holding the camera out in front of us. Anyhoo, here's our 2011 Mother's day photos (I'm posting quite a few, consider yourself warned):

My self portrait skills are improving if I do say so myself :) Especially some of the ones from high school. (Some of you know what I'm talking about)

I just can't get over her scrunchy nose. 

She LOVES dress up!! This is only part of it.

Have to make her feet feel pretty too!

Happy mommies day to every lady out there!

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