She Painted Her Nails Red

 I painted Payton's nails for the first time today. I've been wanting to for some time now but nervous if she would hold still enough etc. Well, yesterday I was cleaning out my cosmetic stuff and was testing a polish and Payton walks up to me with her hand out ready to get hers painted. I about died laughing. It was so cute. And she was in her tutu and dress up to boot. :) So, anyways I decided to go for it today and see how she reacted.

Oh yea, I still have my Caboodle from the 90's... it's vintage now right?

She couldn't wait to open it and dig through the goodies.

Maybe she wants a harmonica for Christmas?

She picked out the red over multiple shades of pink.

She inherited someone's (uhem, mother) crazy toes so that was fun trying to work around that and explain to Payton to hold still. But she did really well

She loved her 'pretties'

After the tosies she convinced me to do her fingers too. 

How can you say no to that?

I'm not the greatest nail painter but I'm practicing now, along with hair-do's for Miss Payton.  We had a fun little beauty day. I love doing girlie things with her. :)

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