Thankful For: Her Little Hands

Payton has been waking up almost every night this past week, and the only remedy has been for her to crawl in bed with me and a glass of water. It's tiring, she wakes up at a different time each night, 5am, 2:30am and last night was before I even fell asleep. So I go pick her up, her blanket and Minnie in tow, to comfort her and poor little one was all sorts of congested. I tell her we're going to go get her some medicine and some water and she replies 'okay.' She's never responded like that, I love how her vocabulary is changing into conversational and using it in context. But what was even better was her tone in the reply. The sound of trust and comfort that she was with me and everything was going to be ok, she was going to feel better. We went and got her a little medicine to help her nose and water and proped her up in my bed and we snuggled and chatted. Yes, I chat with my two year old. She finally got settled in and comfy and I asked her if she wanted to hold my hand and we did just that. She held my hand till she fell asleep. Palm to palm and her fingers are just long enough to reach to the other side of my hand. What a difference to just wrapping it around one of my fingers what seems like not too long ago. The same hand she uses to hold mine when she's walking up steps or stairs and squeezes with all her little strength trusting I'm there to help her over those obstacles. Being a mom is tough, being a single mom is even more tough at times, but I wouldn't trade anything for having that little hand to hold when she needs.

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