View From My Crutches

It's been two weeks since I had my foot surgery and minus the crutches I have to lug around, I'm feeling almost myself. Luckily my Dr let me fly to Cali for the rest of my recovery. (Two story house+ 2 year old+ mommy on crutches= Disaster!) Okay, so we flew into San Diego for the holiday. Monday we met up with some a long time friend and her kiddos at the park. It was my first time trying to photograph since surgery. It was killing me to just sit there. Needless to say it was interesting trying to balance on one foot, hold on to my crutches so they wouldn't fall and take a decent shot. Let's just say any artistic ability I had, yea that's on hold for 4 more weeks.

Owen & Trent... Best buds like their daddies.

Because I couldn't chase Miss P around w the camera at her level, this was about the best shot I got without her looking peeved.

Everyone feeding the ducks. I chose to stay atop of the hill. With my amazing coordination and that dirt, I wasn't really in the mood for a swim that day. 

Since I'm restricted to sitting on my hiney for a few more weeks, hopefully I can actually get this blog caught up. Fingers crossed.

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