disgusting habits...

being from cali, smoking laws are so strict that makes it almost impossible to smoke etc. so i haven't really had to be around smokers and all that jazz. i don't remember the last time i was aksed "smoking or non smoking?" at a restraunt. moving cross country, it's totally different. it's acceptable to smoke while eating and many other places. also being in the military i see a lot of people who smoke, i'm almost the outcast. but in all that, i think i have found the worst of them all. dipping (or chewing/spitting or whatever it may be called) it is the MOST discusting thing i have seen. and i had to work with this person for the whole 3 hours he knawing on this nasty piece of tabacco. to top it all of, he was spitting into an old gatorade bottle, which was see through so i could see his spit. he was carrying it around like a baby does his bottle. and listening to him spit and then when he missed and there was gunk on his face! eewwwwwww it was so gross i wanted to vomit...i actually almost did. that's my discovery for the day!

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