duty day #1

ok, so yesterday was my first duty day on a cutter. pretty cool, no biggie, except i was in the engine room for most of it. my job isn't located in the engine room...but i still have to learn everything down there. i specifically picked a rate that had nothing to do with any of that stuff...oh well too bad. it was actually pretty cool learning some of the stuff though. knowing how the boat works and all that fun stuff. and today i spent 3 hours trying to figure out the different circuits in radio :) spent 17 weeks in school and still have a few months ahead of me full, no crammed packed of stuff to get qualified in...yeah CG. i still love it though and wouldn't go back... :)

p.s. i got my first piece of mail at my new address today yeah :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie,
Glad you made it there OK and are having fun. Keep ypur head down and the other parts up. Learn all you can and enjoy it all. Love YA girl.

Uncle Lennie (AKA) Litnlennie