Day 2...

Payton is doing well. As well as the Doctor's have expected. She is very swollen, both eyes swollen shut. They are going to take her drain out tomorrow just to make sure it doesn't add to the swelling. She is sleeping well, doesn't seem to be in pain really. I'm able to hold her and she seems comfortable, and able to lay her head on my shoulder now. Just barely but we're making progress. Swelling should noticeably start going down on Tuesday.

She is not holding fluid down too well. Pedialyte is okay but formula is still a no go. How do I know? I'm wearing her lunch. If she can't start to hold down food better soon, we may have to stay longer for them to monitor her. If she can handle formula soon and have more wet diapers then tomorrow afternoon is a real possibility.

Here are a few photos from this morning. She is was wearing her new gown I made her but it's soaked in formula. But when we get home maybe she will be feeling better to model. I have fabric to make a few more anyways. I used another Heidi and Finn pattern.

Her in her crib covering her eyes (I turned the light on so I wouldn't have to use flash, bad mommy)

Close up of her eyes :( You can see the fishy/paisley fabric I used, the lining is just a T-shirt

Rubbing her eyes... You can see the outside tie of the gown and the roll cuff sleeve. I think the way the did the bandage makes her look like a little china doll.

Her new puppy a friend of mine from work brought her :)

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