Day 3...

Last night Payton's swelling started to go down already!!! First I noticed more of her eyelashes then her eyes were open just a little, and you can tell she was really trying to open them too!!! So sweet. Here is a photo from last night. (sorry, it's a little blurry)

She did well when they came to take the bandage off and drain out this morning. She fussed but I think it was more the fact they were messing with her.

Back to being happy camper!!!

Her incision... Now just waiting for the word to go home. She is still having a little trouble keeping fluids down. Most feedings she can keep down though... I'm just so thankful for everyone who has been there for us and their prayers. They worked!!! She is doing wonderfully!!!!

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deccozmo said...

so glad to see her smile back. looking more like her old self. I know she missed seeing her mommy.