A little tid bit of info about me, if I'm not blogging, it means I'm actually motivated doing things. AKA: not procastinating... I have been working on spring cleaning and going to the gym :) 10lbs down won't say how many more to go. I went to a step class today and it was a little interesting, had two things happen that have never happened to me at the gym: instructer had to leave early to what looked like she injured herself and couldn't "march it out" and then the yoga instructer came in to finish the abs and cool down. Ok so what's the big deal about the yoga instructor? She was about 7 or 8 months pregnant. And she was better at ab work and more flexible than I was. Yea that hurt.

Ok so moving on... I made Payton a little "taggie" blanket sometime last week finally. I used leftover fleece from her star blanket and random ribbon I had. I took an M&M wrapper (yummy) and sandwiched it in the middle to make it crinkle.

Note: This photo was taken after I let her play with it thus the chewed on purple ribbon

This project I did last night. I was practically going through sewing withdrawls. I saw this tutorial on how to take a turtleneck and turn it into a spring top. I had gotten Payton a turtleneck onsie a while back that I'm sure I was going to dress up somehow but now it's too warm for T-necks so... we modify. I'm not sure if I like how the neckline turned out. Not sure if it's too promiscuous for a 7 month old. After seeing it on her I have a couple possible ideas on how to 'fix' it but I'm open to ideas too.

Have a good rest of the weekend!!!

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