Update on Payton...

So quick recap: about 3 weeks ago Payton was diagnosed with Metopic Craniosynostosis. We did the x-rays, CT scan and Craniofacial board. We met with the Plastic and Neurosurgeons today and surgery is on Thursday at the crack of dawn. The surgery is going to consist of them putting her under then they will be cutting from ear to ear on top of her head and removing the forehead part of her skull. They will reconstruct it and put dissolvable plates and screws then stitch her up. She will require a blood transfusion during surgery and will be in the hospital about two maybe three days.

On the CT scan they found that her lateral ventricles were enlarged and her brain had extra fluid that wasn't draining properly. This can cause extra pressure on the brain and possibly delay her development and may be why she is 7 months old and can't sit up at all. They are going to do an MRI before the surgery and if the extra fluid is causing pressure in the brain and not draining properly, they will have to put  Ventriculoperitoneal Shunting in her. This is a tube that will go into her brain, run down her side and into her abdomen and drain excess fluids in there. This will be a permanent thing for her and will have to see a Neurosurgeon yearly until she is done growing. We will not find out about the shunt until Thursday morning after the MRI.  They did show us her CT scan and they did a 3D model of her skull, I will say that was pretty interesting, weird, but interesting. 

Please keep her in your prayers, we will keep you updated! 


Janie D'Amico said...

Hey girl, Just read your post. You and Payton both are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all goes well for you and your little trooper there.

Oh, and my Payton didn't sit unassisted until closer to 9 months :-)

Michelle said...

You don't know me, but I'm saying a prayer for your little girl and your family. I pray that God will guide the surgeons hands and that he will watch over and protect her. And I pray that God will give you the strength you require to get through this most difficult time.