Update #2...

We got up at 3 this morning :( to be at the hospital at 5 to check in and start what we anticipated to be a long day. Check in and vitals go well then the Neurosurgeon pulls us aside to inform us they will not be doing the Cranioplasty procedure today due to the PICU (Pediatrics ICU) being occupied with five infants on ventilators. :( She has to go to the PICU for recovery because of the blood transfusions and she has a good possibility of being on a ventilator even just for a few hours after surgery and needs that special care.

-waiting to go back to the MRI, wondering why we're up so early-

They did proceed with the MRI, and they did not have to do the VP Shunting!!! All four of her ventricles are enlarged, but they are symmetrical and the passageways for her fluid to drain through are open and clear. So her brain isn't under pressure which is good. The Neurosurgeon is going to run some more tests on the ventricles about 4-6 weeks after the Cranioplasty to monitor it so we're not totally home free yet, but possible!

So thank you to everyone's prayers and concerns, they worked and have been such a blessing. Surgery has been rescheduled for next Friday so keep our fingers crossed it is a go this time. The reason for a delay in rescheduling is the amount of people that are involved with this procedure. Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Anesthesiology, Blood Bank, PICU and the OR has to be free and in a military hospital, well, that can become difficult. But, it will get done  this month, it has to, plastic surgeon is deploying and she can't get too old before they do it, so hopefully Friday goes well or something opens up sooner... at least I have more time to make some more little kimono dresses for her :)  Thanks again to everyone, it means so much to us!!!

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