What's for Dinner?

I cooked dinner last night and didn't screw it up!!! Dad seemed to like it, although he did eat my pumpkin bread I made with whole cloves and garlic veggie oil. Whoops. Anyhoo... I got the recipe off of fitclick.com. I modified it for two people and actually guesstimated on measurements here and there.

Chicken and Pasta w/ Spinach:

-4 oz Chicken Breast (I used 3 breasts and could have gotten away w/ 2)
-1 oz. Linguine Noodles (I just put how much I thought looked like enough)
-1 tbsp Parm Cheese (grated)
-1 Garlic Clove
-1 cup Spinach (I used a 12oz bag)
-1/4 tsp Oregano
-1/2 cup Tomato Sauce (I used 8oz can)
-1 tsp Olive Oil

Cook Pasta like normal. Microwave spinach about 4-6min (depending on how much you are using) Cut chicken into strips. Chop garlic. In a skillet saute garlic and oil until garlic is soft. Add chicken strips until no longer pink (about 10min) Add cheese, spinach, oregano and tomato sauce and let simmer for about 7-10 min. Serve over noodles...

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CBellows said...

Cooking gives you such a sense of accomplishment, doesn't it?