Go Fly a Kite

Today Payton and I went to the kite festival with some friends and to say the least I was a little more than disappointed. I expected the sky to be filed with colorful kites of all shapes. Nope. There were some professional kite fliers, which I didn't know they existed, doing demonstrations, and a little booth where you could build your own kite. It was quaint, but nothing like you would see on the west coast. But it was nice to get out and get some sun and spend time with some friends. Oh, and Payton got to show off her new skirt I made. I tried to make a paper bag skirt, creating my own pattern. Umm... yea it did not turn out like I wanted to, but it's still pretty cute. I know there has to be an easier way to make one. My stitching isn't the best on this skirt because by the time I got to the hem and waistband I was frustrated and in a hurry to finish... Oh well.

Kylie pointing to the kites and Lindsey helping Payton fly a kite

Tomorrow starts a very long and busy week for us, wish us luck!

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deccozmo said...

she is so gorgeous. her little smile and those beautiful eyes.