Little Fishy...

Today was kind of an 'eh' day and over 90 degrees out so I figured it would be a good time to get Payton a little pool. There's not much to it, didn't get the one with the slide, not until she can enjoy all the extras. Hey it gave me another opportunity for a photo shoot :)

She's doing really well from surgery, seems to be back to normal minus the incision. And even that is healing pretty well. She keeps itching the incision but she doesn't know how to scratch so it's more like someone massaging their head. It's cute though.

Here is a look at her scar... 8 days post op

I think she likes the pool. When I first put her in it she got mad because it wasn't heated :)

I love how she scrunches her nose!

This is what Reese thinks of the pool.

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