Mommy Vaca

So Thursday I had to let Payton go for a little while. (No I didn't fire her) She went to visit her dad and his family for a little while. I miss her so much already, but the break is really nice. (Am I a bad mom?) I just keep telling myself she'll be back soon enough. So Thursday morning I took her to the park to take some last minute photos. I uploaded them to picnik.com and played around with some of the effects just to change it up a bit. Okay so it really just killed about and hour at work but hey, whatever. So here are just a few, I got several "studio faces" typical baby looks but I like her crazy ones instead. :)

Of course she looks evil here but she's really laughing... promise

How can you not LOVE that face???



Yes, my daughter has a comeover, and no, I will not cut it.

P.S. Her scar is healing wonderfully!!! Most of the stiches have fallen out and her hair is already starting to grow back in. :)


deccozmo said...

I love the comeover. I thought you combed it that way on purpose. How on earth did you get that beautiful picture of the two of you. It looks like a photographer took it.

deccozmo said...

she doesn't look evil, just happy.