Payton and the Carrot Cake

Today I decided to make carrot cake. Never made it before but I saw this recipe by Dana at MADE and sounded pretty easy. Well, Payton wanted to help so this is how it went: (Narrated by Payton)

First we got out all the tools:

Then we tested the carrots:

Then mom cut and measured and I checked it:

And then she turned on this noisy thing and mixed a bunch of stuff and made a mess. She poured it all into mini cakes, I think she said they were cup cakes. Something about for work, and made us a one layer round cake.  While it was baking I took a nap. That was hard work. When I woke up it was all done. I got a piece after dinner. :) It was yummy.

(Note from mom: I did not use the carrots that Payton and Reese "tested")

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