New Foods

Hi everyone, I convinced mommy to let me blog about this one. She's always talking for me. Anyways, she made me breakfast yesterday, no not the instant baby cereal, actually used the big hot thing in the kitchen, dirtied dishes and everything. I just got scrambled eggs (plain, ugh) and pancakes (plain again!) I know she can add a little seasoning to the eggs and chocolate chips to the pancakes. Something about my tummy not liking it. Whatever.
It wasn't too bad. I inspected it quite a bit before trying it. (don't mind the bedhead. I don't know how to use a comb yet) The eggs were fun to play with, and the pancakes were ok. No syrup :(
 (this is soooo unflattering, future boyfriends close your eyes)
I made some cute faces for mom to amuse her. Oh and she tried to get me to drink my formula out of a cup! Um no, I showed her. Bottles are the cool thing duh! Oh and OF COURSE I shared with my BFF Reese.

Love, Payton

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CBellows said...

She looks more like you every time I see her!