The Beach

On Thursday Payton and I went to the beach with a friend and her daughter. First real time Payton has been. She didn't mind sitting on the beach towel, but she didn't like the sand. She didn't really get mad but she was making her little "eh" sounds. Translation: "Really mom, why are you making me do this?" The water didn't bother her, just the sand, but what girl likes sitting in sand? I learned something: Payton has olive skin tone, olive people don't burn. Mommy does burn when she forgets to put sunscreen on herself.

She's such my little model, and so serious.

Payton and her friend Kylie... Payton: 9 months, Kylie: 2 years old...
I'm putting Payton in Volleyball as soon as she can walk.

Enjoy the weekend!

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