I  finally took Payton to a 'real' pool yesterday. We went to the Y and they have a little spray park thing and a baby pool so we hung out in those. She didn't mind the water too much. Wasn't a fan of the spray park but liked the pool. I taught her how to splash, tried teaching her the basics of floating (she didn't like that one too much) We just hung out and had a good afternoon.

They have child size pool chairs too, she liked relaxing there too...

She looks grumpy here, she's just a people watcher.

Onto other Payton news: she is eating people food. No more buying baby food! So far she likes turkey, avocados, whole wheat waffles, green beans, peas, chicken and pretty much anything I've given her. I'm just glad she likes the healthy stuff too :)


CBellows said...

You have the cutest child ever! [Except of course for Lucas and all of my future children ;)]

CBellows said...
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