You Are What You Keep

So, it's almost time for me to get off work, so that means I've spent most of the past 12 hours surfing the net. Those who know me really well, that means craft blogs... I get lost in them. I click this link and that takes me to another link yada yada yada. Anyways Cheri at I am momma hear me roar had a link to Tabitha (I really wish I could draw this on a map it would be great) who is 'decluttering' her life. Getting rid of 2010 things in 2010 and she's asking people to join her. She just started last month so I'm not that far behind yet. With moving last week, I realized how much crap I had and it's ridiculous. How much 'stuff' does one adult, one baby and one dog REALLY need? So I'm going to jump on this little wagon, shouldn't be too hard, haven't really started unpacking yet. But, we're starting Monday, afternoon, after I get a nap. Sunday night is my third 12 hour night shift... Well, time for me to go home and snooze... Good night/morning wherever you are in your day!

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Tabitha said...

So glad you joined my little Challenge!!

Unpacking is a great time to get rid of the items you don't need! :o)

I can't wait to see your progress!! Good luck!