Cali Recap Part 2

Okay so here is the Disneyland recap-

It was a beautiful and perfect day. Everything I expected for her first trip. I know, this trip was more for me than her but it's not like she suffered any :) Did she meet all the princesses? Nope. Did she ride all the rides? Nope. Then what did she do? Well nice of you to ask...

I'll start off with some photos to show you she/we did have fun:

Her tour guides, Chase and Connor

With Grandma

With Grandpa on the horse

So where's the party and confetti you ask? Yes, Disneyland is magical and full of adventure, BUT, she's only ONE for goodness sake! :) Payton got to meet her BFF's Mickey and Minnie. Where are those photos? I'm in them so I'm not posting :) She liked meeting them, and did not miss not meeting the princesses. Yes, she told me so. 

She rode one of the more important rides, Pirates of the Caribbean and of course most of the 'kiddy' rides. Even 'It's a Small World' even though I tried to avoid it at all costs. Grandpa took her on the carrousel horse where she learned her 'parade wave' which she still does to this day.  She had fun with family on her special day at the most magical place on earth!

Oh, and she was only two inches shy of riding real roller coasters... next time kiddo....

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