Cali Recap Part 3

Payton's first birthday party!!! Yes, I've been planning this for about six months and no it didn't turn out anything like I originally planned, but that's okay. It was a very nice party though.  Unlike her first day at Disneyland, it was not a nice day... it was 106 degrees outside... yea way to go Cassandra. Did I mention that it was an outside party?? So because of the awful heat most of the decorations got nixed and everything went to bare minimum. It was just too hot to mess with. Oh, and while planning this shindig I carefully picked the time, right after her afternoon nap. Perfect right? Considering she's been on a pretty precise schedule for sometime right? NOPE! She wouldn't take an afternoon nap for anything, until we got to the park and her guests started arriving, then she got fussy and took a cat nap... Ugh! Since you read through thus far I'll share some cute photos from her day...

She actually kept her hat on (after her beauty rest though)

Payton making sure Chase isn't going to take her cake

What on earth is Payton wearing while she's eating cake? Um, that was my not so bright idea :) So I told you the party was at park right? EVERY first birthday party the birthday kiddo gets cake all over themselves and then you toss them in the bubble bath... Okay, park = no bubble bath. My solutions, make a little trash bag poncho for her so there would be minimal clean up. Remember where I said it was 106 degrees? Yea I know, worst mom award. Anyways, it didn't work. She was still a mess. So word of advice, don't do it!! It ended up being a really nice party despite my ill planning :)

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