St Patty's Day '11

Happy St Patty's Day everyone. Of course my mom made me a festive little outfit, and of course we had to take pictures TODAY. I was not feeling having my photos done today, but mom never listens to me. She thinks even my fussy pics are cute... ugh! Anyways here are some decent ones AKA I put on a happy face so she would leave me be. To give mom some credit, she did try and bribe me with some M&M's. That helped a little bit :)

Before she busted out the M&M's

Here you can see most of my outfit... I LOVE my shoes... the little gem sparkle thing on the toe is fab! Mommy sewed the couple shamrocks on my shirt, you can't see the stem but it's there. She got the idea from one of her little site things

Isn't my hair bow fun? I guess it was supposed to be a bow tie for boys, but why do boys wear bows? Aren't they just for girls? Anyways, I loved it too. 

Okay, time for me to go now.  Love, Payton

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