One Year Surgery Check Up

It's me, Payton again. On Friday I had my one year check up for my cranioplasty surgery. It went well, it's always a long appointment and a lot of doctors looking at me. The speech therapist was happy with how many words I have and how well I can understand things. The orthodontist liked my teeth, felt like he was doing a full exam. I let him know I was not happy with that. My plastic surgeon said I am healing really well and my screws and plates should be dissolving soon. He mentioned that sometimes with forehead reconstruction the eyebrow bones can become flat but mine aren't like that and not to worry I'll grow into mine. I wasn't really worried about it till now. Thanks. I get to go see my neurosurgeon in about six months to get another CT or MRI scan done again to check my ventricles. Since I'm catching up on my milestones they're not too worried about hydrocephalus I might just have a big brain, that just means I'm smart right? That's what mommy tells me. I have to go back and see the developmental pediatrician next month so they can see why I'm not walking. He said I can play in the big play room and I'll see an occupational therapist and maybe physical therapist. They're not too worried but they check out all babies who don't walk after 16 months. I consider us smart, I get carried everywhere. Although mom is catching on and making me walk some more. I guess I knew it was going to come at some point. Anyhoo, I'm doing really well from surgery and don't have to go back to see the whole doctor entourage again for a year... woohoo... Thanks again to everyone's support through all this past year. Love, Payton

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Lindsey said...

Big hugs to you Payton!!