P's Pink Shades

Now that spring has (somewhat) arrived, we've been heading to the park as much as possible. Payton loves going, we do a lap around the playground to practice her walking and her greeting skills. She says hi to just about every person we pass. Even to the pups, but in their language of 'oof'. Of course we don't go without Rosie :)

My little ham

Of course some swinging time

Isn't she so cool in her shades, standing like it's no big deal? :)

Having a staring contest with her friend hehe :) 

Later gators!

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Lynn said...

OMG. this is soooo adorable. I just love the pictures you take and of course the material you are shooting is just perfect. It just makes me smile everytime I look at the pictures. Thank you so much for making my day.