Zoo Review

Isn't the title fab? I came up with it myself :) Anyhoo, Payton and I spent a nice relaxing day at the zoo today. I have to say I've been spoiled with the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. Not that this zoo is bad or anything, San Diego's animals seem a little more lively. Payton seemed to enjoy herself though.  She was not fond of any of the farm type animals. Especially this guy, couldn't get past him fast enough.

She was okay with most of the other animals. She wanted to love the bears, see...

Yep, that's her trying to kiss the 'teddy' bears. 

Payton liked the giraffe when it came over to visit. Oh and of course the 'kikis' (lions and tigers for those who don't speak Payton)

What is Payton wearing you ask? Well, she's starting into her ballerina phase (highly influenced by muah) so her ballet tee with another circle skirt I made similar to her Christmas one...

Oh and to accessorize is her new toddler backpack I made (I've been on a sewing roll) 

Here's some close ups of it. I used a pattern from Made by Rae

The pattern was easy to follow and there are so many different ways you can customize it. I lined it just for stability and for a more finished look.

I was actually surprised Payton liked to wear it, she wears it around the house. I think I created an accessory monster. Oh well :)

I have to leave you with this photo.  I was having to hold P up because she was too short on her own, while trying to stay in my little spot... Isn't she a cute little monkey? 

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