No Crop & Histograms

Well hello! It's been longer than normal, was on a nice little vaca in Cali for a few weeks. I should be able to recap tomorrow. I have to transfer photos I edited on my mom's computer to mine (from CA to VA) thank you iChat and screen share :) Going through the photos from vacation has taken WAY too long. Photography is an art, but like any art there is a technique to it. I've been working on getting more creative in the shot but post production is killing me. I'm not trying to go all pro or anything but I want nice photos, I have a really great camera and I need to figure the darn thing out!

Well, the other day my craft blog addiction came in handy, one of them led me to Digital-photography-school.com :) I've learned a lot so far, now to practice. This morning Payton and I went to our usual park and tinkered around. Today I shot with using the histogram graph and working on 'filling the frame'. The photos I'm posting I haven't cropped. (Okay, a couple were slightly trimmed but just a teeny bit and not the whole shot) But in the past I have cropped all my images proportionately. Saved a lot of time. I think using the histogram really helped as well in the exposures :)

Anyhoo, here we go:

P's 'look': 
Sunglasses- Target
Minnie Shirt- Target (from her Popeye)
Shorts- Gap
Shoes- Toms (from her Gram)
Facial Expression- From her mama :)

She wanted to sit up there I promise it wasn't torture for her.

She thought that by sitting on the bottom of the slide in protest, would make me let her go down it. She went down the kiddie ones. Just not the ones she would have needed a harness.

Her trying to run :)

Let me explain this thing: They have normal swings at this park, but she wanted to ride this one. I call it preparation for Disneyland :)

Stay tuned for more photo techniques :) 

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