Vaca Recap (finally)

Hi everyone, I took over the blog from mommy tonight to tell everyone about our trip. It was a lot of fun! It was pretty eventful.  We started out by surprising our cousin for her 15th birthday. Apparently that means she's getting old because mom said she used to be her little cousin now she's not. I haven't gone to school yet but I'm starting to figure things out.

Then, I got my first haircut by Miss Pammy. I sat with my Gram while Pam cut that really long random curl on top of my head. The one that was like WAY longer than the rest. And she trimmed up the bangs.

See, so much better.  

Even Popeye came to watch. (I don't like the name Grandpa, Popeye fits him so much better)

Here is my certificate mommy designed for my scrapbook.

We went to see my Auntie Christi again and we got to go play at the lake. I didn't mind the water, if she was holding me. :) It was a fun afternoon though. Thank you Auntie Christi.

'Baby burrito' Seriously though, how do people sleep on these weird chairs? I could not do it!

Me with my Auntie, aren't we cool?

For some reason this was a very important time in my life. First time on a sand volleyball court and learning to spike. Something about the start of my career, whatever that is.

And of course, filled with LOTS of playtime. 

Peace out Cali, till next time. Love, Payton

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