Pattern Review: Eveyln Dress

I had the pleasure of testing a couple patterns for Amy at Naptime Crafters and Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop so I'm finally posting them! Here is the Eveyln Dress.

I took her up to a little mountain-ish town by my parents' house (yes I'm THAT far behind, I got back from vacation three weeks ago) and they have a candy shop. So, she got a chocolate covered marshmellow, on a stick. She was telling her Popeye thank you in sign language right after he gave it to her. He was my photo helper that day :)

"Nom Nom"

The dress was fun to make. The only part I didn't like was making the bias tape. We don't get along right now. But other than that part it was fairly simply and I LOVE the corduroy. Until next time...

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