Family Portraits Take 2

While we were in California (yes we're STILL recapping :) I tried again at taking some shots of all four grandkids again, at once. Remember last time? Ok so I didn't resort to photoshopping them all into one shot. They're not too shabby, considering two 7 year olds, a 1 and 2 year old were the subjects. :)

Denice came to help wrangle all the kids, and back up camera.

The boys...

Payton and her buddy Chase. She LOVES him... Can't you tell :)

My dad become a regular assistant of mine while I was home. :) Hello Kitty (aka 'hello meow) belongs to Miss P, not my dad. (Just a disclaimer :)

Ok, so what's so bad?... Ha! 

Payton's first big knee scrape. From the parking lot before we even got to the park. Then shortly after decided to sit in that big puddle right behind her :/

I think this is my favorite photo of the set. It just shows each of their personalities and stages so well... :) 

Chase and Connor were bribing the babes with goldfish to look at the camera. They knew better.

So all in all not too bad... each time is a learning experience and story.

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