Pattern Review: Sea Breeze Dress

This is actually the first pattern I tested for Amy at the Peek a Boo Pattern Shop and used in the family photos back in Cali. Even though you've already seen the dress, I mostly just wanted to share from the photoshoot before we went on our trip.

She's quacking at the ducks to get them in position for this one:

Don't mind the droopy bow. I need to move the belt loops up and over a little... or maybe droopy bows will just be cool one day :)

But, I really enjoyed sewing this dress. It was pretty easy and really versatile depending on the fabric and how you tie the bow. 

Now that you've viewed some of Payton's expressions, lets view her strut. Oh yea, she struts.

The casual strut

The excited strut

I think this one is the best, the determined strut... Another review tomorrow. Ciao

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