The last day in Boston, we took a little trip up to Gloucester. There's just something that I love about that small fishing town. I got to spend a couple weeks there and in Rockport back in 2001. There is a little bit of family history there from my dad's side and with it being a small town, kinda feel like I'm around family even though I didn't know many of them. I know, weird. Anyways, I just like the feel of the town. I'm sure if I was there and it was snowing, I would be singing another tune. We didn't go too far into the town, mostly walked on the waterfront and had a yummy lunch at a local brewery.

We did adventure down to the beachy area. (Not like a California beach) Payton was really excited to get out of the stroller and go to the water. Until her toes got about four feet from the sand. Then she did this:

Made a 180 and booked it over those rocks. Those aren't dancing arms folks. Those are her power walking arms (she couldn't run at the time) I'm thinking her my dream for her of being a beach volleyball player might need to be altered a smidge if this keeps up. I'll give her another year, or five :)

Jen & Cheryl

Oh look, more pouting. Shocking lol.

Payton kept going back and forth to all the monuments and read all the fishermen's names. Oh and going to the railing in between and trying to look into the water at the fish. Needless to say she kept all three of us adults on our toes. Thank you Cheryl and Jen for a wonderful trip! 

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