Tutorial: A Shirt Dress

So, recently I noticed on one of Payton's shirts two little slits in the hem. I asked Payton if she used scissors and she looks down and points at them and said "yes, see, cut." Great.

Ok so easy fix. It was getting a little short on her anyways. I've seen quite a few 'turn a shirt into a dress tutorial' and I didn't feel like sifting through them. (Although there are some good ones.) I just winged it and here's how:

:: You will need two t-shirts (one that fits your child in the top and an adult sized) I used a 4t and a women's medium. 

Measure from your child's underarm to where you would like the dress to fall. Depending on how big of a ruffle you want and how long your adult shirt is, will depend on how far down to cut the {pink} shirt. Make sure to measure and cut from the hem up for the ruffle. Yay no hemming!

Gather the top of the mid section and size it to the bottom of the {pink} shirt. Sew or serge right sides together. Do the same for the ruffle to the bottom of the mid section. Tip: if you're sewing instead of serging, use a stretch stitch.

Iron your seams down and topstitch. I used a regular straight stitch on this part and it turned out okay but I would use a stretch stitch next time. 

And voila! 

Best pics I could get. Hopefully only 3 more weeks of crutches....

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