On The Move

Monday marked the beginning of a new adventure for Payton and I. I'm officially a civilian now, and we're moving back to California. It's very bittersweet for me. The past six years in the Coast Guard and (almost) three years have been an interesting ride and looking back on it all amazes me. How much Payton and I went through, good and bad. How much she's grown into a little girl, how much I've even grown as a mom and every other role I have. As excited I am to move on with our life and move to California, I am extremely sad. All our memories we made in Virginia with our military family. They were so much more than just friends to us. You were there for us and let us be there for you. I am eternally grateful for you and can't wait to see you all again. (I may be secretly praying you guys all get stationed back on the west coast :)

Monday the movers came and our stuff is now on its way west. Payton worked very hard. Her job: make sure they don't pack the iPad.

We're driving cross country with my mom. I'm excited. My mom drove with me to Virginia to check me into my first real unit and she gets to come on this journey again. Only with a mini me too :) We're taking our time visiting family and seeing random places we probably wouldn't otherwise.

Thank goodness for ipad mounts and Tangled.

Monday night we didn't get too far but Tuesday made it to Georgia.

As of Wednesday, still in GA but we did some sightseeing to break up the monotony of constant driving.

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