Happy Halloween 2012

Last Friday we took Payton to Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. She really understands the holiday's this year so it was a ton of fun. She couldn't decide what she wanted to be so Gram made her a pirate costume. Payton loved it.

Disneyland was a ton of fun as usual. Payton danced with Chip and Dale and rode her first real roller coaster. Big Thunder Mountain. She saw the Choo Choo train and wanted to go. I figured she clears the height requirement by a good couple inches so what the hey? She'll love it or it will be the last Choo Choo she rides for a while. Well, she LOVED it. We also hit a couple kiddy rides and Star Tours. She really enjoyed all the rides. I think she might just be my best Disneyland buddy yet. Lets not forget about Rapunzel!!! 

The entire drive to Disneyland, while parking, tram ride and into the park. 'Mommy lets go see Rapunzel, Mommy lets go see Rapunzel' it was on constant repeat. So, that was the first stop so we were good the rest of the night.

Payton talked my dad into going and dressing up like Indiana Jones :) I think he had fun. Hey, free candy and not just for the kids! 

More princesses. I really tried hard not to really encourage the princess stage but I guess it's the whole rebelling thing. But she loves her fair share of Peter Pan and the pirates too so... It's manageable. I'm just embracing it now. :) 

We were looking forward to the Halloween fireworks but the Santa Ana winds decided to join us and we missed out :(

But the parade carried on and was fun too. We had a great time and think we might have a new Halloween tradition. And it may include group costumes next year because wow, these people go way out and have amazing costumes. 

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