Piggy Tail

Payton had a pig tail!!! Her head is pretty much covered in hair now. No more random bald spots, her scar is covered and I think it's all real hair that's going to stay. The hair that I can pull up is baby hair but the rest is the real stuff!!! And the ends have a slight curl to them :)

Here is P's opinion of her new hair...

The outfit my mom made, not sure what pattern she used, but I like it on her. It's a little big but she will be able to wear it for a while. It crosses in the bag and has bloomers but she wasn't feeling the photo shoot (thus more aweful, flash used indoor photos) so we'll have to try again soon.

Have a good weekend! I'll be working so have some fun for me too!... And in case you're wondering a little more about what I do, click here to see what I was involved in Monday night at work. I sit in a room, with no windows and a bunch or radios talking to everyone on the water and in the air. Be careful out there!

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Sofia said...

The first pic is priceless. Hope your having a good one.